Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere Course Reviews

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere is a course offered by Google Career Certificates on the Coursera platform.

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere Course Reviews
Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere Course Reviews

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of data and its significance in today's digital age. The course is designed for individuals who are interested in gaining a basic understanding of data and its applications in various industries.

The course covers essential topics related to data, starting with an overview of what data is and why it matters. It explores the different types of data, such as structured and unstructured data, and introduces common data formats and storage methods. The course also delves into data collection techniques, including surveys, experiments, and observational studies.

Furthermore, the course discusses data analysis and visualization techniques, teaching students how to interpret and make sense of data using statistical tools and visual representations. Students learn about key statistical concepts and metrics used in data analysis, such as mean, median, mode, and standard deviation. They also explore data visualization tools and best practices for creating effective visual representations of data.

Additionally, the course covers data-driven decision making, emphasizing the importance of using data to inform business and organizational decisions. Students learn about the ethical considerations surrounding data collection and usage, including privacy and security concerns.

Throughout the course, learners engage in hands-on activities and exercises to apply their knowledge and reinforce key concepts. They also have the opportunity to work on real-world case studies and projects to gain practical experience in working with data.

By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation in data fundamentals, including data types, collection methods, analysis techniques, and ethical considerations. This knowledge can be valuable for individuals looking to pursue careers in data analysis, data science, or other data-related fields.

Course Content:

This is the first course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. Organizations of all kinds need data analysts to help them improve their processes, identify opportunities and trends, launch new products, and make thoughtful decisions. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of data analytics through hands-on curriculum developed by Google. The material shared covers plenty of key data analytics topics, and it’s designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. Current Google data analysts will instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources.

Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary.

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere is a course by Google Career Certificates offered on Coursera. The course consists of 5 weeks, each with multiple video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on projects. The breakdown of the weeks and lectures is as follows:

Week 1: Introducing data analytics



7 videos (Total 34 min), 13 readings, 4 quizzes

7 videos

Welcome to the Google Data Analytics Certificate 9m

Introduction to the course 4m

Data analytics in everyday life 4m

Cassie: Dimensions of data analytics 4m

What is the data ecosystem? 4m

How data informs better decisions 4m

What to expect moving forward 1m

13 readings

Program description and course syllabus 20m

Learning Log: Think about data in daily life 20m

Helpful resources to get started 20m

Deciding if you should take the speed track 20m

Optional: Your diagnostic quiz score and what it means 10m

Case Study: New data perspectives 20m

Learning Log: Consider how data analysts approach tasks 20m

Data and gut instinct 10m

Origins of the data analysis process 20m

Program surveys 10m

Discussion forums 20m

Get to know your classmates 20m

Glossary: Terms and definitions 10m

4 practice exercises

Optional: Familiar with data analytics? Take our diagnostic quiz 20m

Test your knowledge on the data ecosystem 8m

Test your knowledge on proper use of the discussion forum 6m

*Weekly challenge 1* 40m


Week 2: All about analytical thinking



6 videos (Total 27 min), 3 readings, 4 quizzes

6 videos

Discovering data skill sets 46s

Key data analyst skills 6m

All about thinking analytically 5m

Exploring core analytical skills 4m

Using data to drive successful outcomes 4m

Real-world data magic 5m

3 readings

Learning Log: Explore data from your daily life 20m

Learning Log: Reflect on your skills and expectations 20m

Glossary: Terms and definitions 10m

4 practice exercises

Get a read on your analytical skills 20m

Test your knowledge on analytical thinking 8m

Test your knowledge on outcomes 6m

*Weekly challenge 2* 40m


Week 3: The wonderful world of data



5 videos (Total 26 min), 6 readings, 6 quizzes

5 videos

Learning about data phases and tools 2m

Stages of the data life cycle 4m

Six phases of data analysis 6m

Molly: Example of the data process 6m

Exploring data analyst tools 6m

6 readings

Variations of the data life cycle 20m

The data analysis process and this program 10m

Learning Log: Organize your data in a table 20m

Key data analyst tools 10m

Choosing the right tool for the job 10m

Glossary: Terms and definitions 10m

6 practice exercises

Self-Reflection: Collecting data 20m

Test your knowledge on the data life cycle 10m

Test your knowledge on the data analysis process 10m

Self-Reflection: Reviewing past concepts 20m

Test your knowledge on the data analysis toolbox 10m

*Weekly challenge 3* 40m


Week 4: Set up your toolbox



6 videos (Total 24 min), 5 readings, 5 quizzes

6 videos

The ins and outs of core data tools 2m

Columns and rows and cells, oh my! 8m

SQL in action 3m

Angie: Everyday struggles when learning new skills 1m

Becoming a data viz whiz 5m

Lilah: The power of a visualization 2m

5 readings

More spreadsheet resources 20m

SQL Guide: Getting started 20m

Endless SQL possibilities 20m

Planning a data visualization 20m

Glossary: Terms and definitions 10m

5 practice exercises

Hands-On Activity: Generating a chart from a spreadsheet 1h

Test your knowledge on spreadsheet basics 6m

Test your knowledge on SQL 10m

Test your knowledge on visualizing data 6m

*Weekly challenge 4* 40m


Week 5: Endless career possibilities



12 videos (Total 37 min), 6 readings, 5 quizzes

12 videos

Let's get down to business 49s

The job of a data analyst 4m

Joey: Path to becoming a data analyst 2m

Tony: Supporting careers in data analytics 2m

The power of data in business 4m

Rachel: Data detectives 2m

Understanding data and fairness 5m

Alex: Fair and ethical data decisions 3m

Data analysts in different industries 5m

Samah: Interview best practices 2m

Weekly wrap-up 25s

Congrats! Course wrap-up 3m

6 readings

Learning Log: Reflect on the data analysis process 20m

Data analyst roles and job descriptions 20m

Beyond the Numbers: A Data Analyst Journey 10m

Glossary: Terms and definitions10mTest-taking strategies 10m

Coming up next... 10m

5 practice exercises

Self-Reflection: Business use of data 20m

Self-Reflection: Business cases 20m

Test your knowledge on making fair business decisions 8m

*Weekly challenge 5* 40m

*Course challenge* 50m




As a former learner of the Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere course by Google Career Certificates on Coursera, I would like to provide my review.

Overall, I found the course to be incredibly valuable and informative. It provided a comprehensive introduction to the world of data and its applications. The course content was well-structured and presented in a clear and organized manner, making it easy to follow along.

One of the strengths of the course was its emphasis on hands-on learning. Throughout the program, there were numerous opportunities to apply the concepts learned through practical exercises, case studies, and projects. This practical approach helped solidify my understanding and allowed me to gain valuable experience in working with data.

The course instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, delivering the content in a way that was both engaging and easy to comprehend. The use of real-world examples and scenarios further enhanced the learning experience, enabling me to see how data is utilized in various industries.

I particularly appreciated the focus on data analysis and visualization. The course provided a strong foundation in statistical concepts and techniques, and I felt confident in my ability to analyze and interpret data by the end of the program. The lessons on data visualization also equipped me with the skills to create compelling visual representations of data to effectively communicate insights.

The course community and support were also commendable. The discussion forums allowed for interaction with fellow learners, and I found it helpful to exchange ideas and discuss concepts with others. The availability of mentors and additional resources further enhanced the learning experience.

If I were to provide any constructive feedback, it would be to include more in-depth coverage of advanced data analysis techniques. While the course provided a solid foundation, I would have appreciated a deeper dive into more complex topics.

Overall, I highly recommend the Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere course to anyone interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of data. It provides a strong knowledge base, practical skills, and a reputable certification from Google Career Certificates. Whether you are a beginner or have some prior experience with data, this course will undoubtedly enhance your data literacy and open doors to exciting career opportunities in the field.

At the time, the course has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on over 81,360 ratings.

What you'll time:

After completing the Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere course by Google Career Certificates on Coursera, learners will acquire several valuable skills. These skills include:

  1. Data Literacy: Students will develop a solid understanding of data and its significance in various industries. They will be able to comprehend different types of data, data formats, and storage methods.

  2. Data Collection Techniques: Students will learn various methods for collecting data, such as surveys, experiments, and observational studies. They will understand how to gather data effectively and efficiently.

  3. Data Analysis: Learners will acquire the skills to analyze data using statistical tools and techniques. They will be familiar with statistical concepts like mean, median, mode, and standard deviation, enabling them to derive meaningful insights from data.

  4. Data Visualization: Students will gain knowledge of data visualization techniques and tools. They will learn how to create effective visual representations of data to communicate insights and trends clearly.

  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: The course emphasizes the importance of using data to inform decision making. Learners will understand how to leverage data in making informed business and organizational decisions.

  6. Ethical Considerations: Students will explore the ethical aspects of data collection and usage. They will understand privacy concerns, security measures, and ethical considerations related to working with data.

  7. Practical Experience: Through hands-on activities, exercises, and real-world case studies, learners will gain practical experience in working with data. They will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to solve data-related problems and work on data projects.

These skills will equip learners with a solid foundation in data analysis and interpretation. They can be beneficial for individuals pursuing careers in data analysis, data science, business analytics, or any field that requires working with data.


Google Career Certificates are professional training programs offered by Google in collaboration with industry experts and educational institutions. These certificates aim to provide learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue careers in high-demand fields, such as data analytics, project management, user experience (UX) design, and IT support.

Google Career Certificates are designed to be accessible and flexible, catering to individuals who may not have a traditional college degree or prior experience in the field. The programs are delivered online through platforms like Coursera, allowing learners to study at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

One notable aspect of Google Career Certificates is their focus on practical, job-ready skills. The curriculum is designed to provide learners with real-world, industry-relevant knowledge and hands-on experience. The programs often include interactive exercises, projects, and case studies that enable learners to apply their learning in practical scenarios.

The certificates also offer a supportive learning environment, providing learners with access to a community of fellow students, industry mentors, and career resources. This community aspect encourages collaboration, networking, and peer learning opportunities.

Furthermore, Google Career Certificates have gained recognition and respect in the industry. They are developed in collaboration with Google's team of experts and industry partners, ensuring the curriculum reflects the current industry trends and best practices. The certificates are also stackable, meaning learners can build on their existing credentials and progress to more advanced programs or degrees.

Overall, Google Career Certificates provide learners with an accessible and practical pathway to acquire in-demand skills and advance their careers in fast-growing industries. They offer a reputable and industry-recognized credential, equipping learners with the necessary expertise to succeed in their chosen field.


The Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere course, authored by Google Career Certificates, has specific requirements for learners. The requirements for this course include:

  1. Basic Computer Skills: Students should have a basic understanding of how to use a computer, including navigating the internet, using web browsers, and downloading files.

  2. Access to a Computer and Internet: Learners need access to a computer or laptop with a stable internet connection to access course materials, lectures, and complete online exercises.

  3. Familiarity with Spreadsheets: It is helpful to have some familiarity with spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This includes understanding basic functions like entering data, formatting cells, and performing simple calculations.

  4. English Proficiency: The course is conducted in English, so learners should have a good command of the English language to understand course content, lectures, and participate in discussions.

  5. Time Commitment: Like any educational program, this course requires a commitment of time and effort. Learners should be prepared to dedicate several hours per week to study materials, complete assignments, and engage in interactive activities.

  6. Willingness to Learn and Problem-Solve: The course is designed to provide learners with new knowledge and skills. A positive attitude towards learning and problem-solving is essential to navigate through the course content and successfully complete assignments.

While these are the general requirements for the Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere course, it is important to review the specific course details and prerequisites on the Coursera platform to ensure that you meet all the necessary criteria before enrolling in the program.

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