Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English Course Reviews

Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English is an engaging and practical online course offered on the Coursera platform. Authored by Karen Peterson, this course is designed to help learners create a compelling ePortfolio to showcase their professional achievements, skills, and experiences in English.

Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English Course Reviews
Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English Course Reviews

The course is divided into several modules, each addressing specific aspects of crafting an effective ePortfolio. The first module introduces the concept of ePortfolios and their significance in today's competitive job market. Learners will gain an understanding of how an ePortfolio can serve as a powerful tool to stand out among other candidates and impress potential employers.

In subsequent modules, participants will delve into the process of selecting and organizing relevant content for their ePortfolios. Karen Peterson guides learners through the steps of identifying their strengths, accomplishments, and valuable experiences that align with their career goals. Participants will learn how to effectively present their educational background, work experiences, certifications, and other achievements to create a comprehensive and cohesive ePortfolio.

Furthermore, the course offers valuable insights into designing an appealing layout and choosing appropriate multimedia elements to enhance the ePortfolio's visual appeal. Learners will be introduced to various digital tools and platforms that can be used to create and host their ePortfolios, ensuring they are easily accessible and shareable with potential employers or collaborators.

Throughout the course, Karen Peterson provides practical tips on writing compelling descriptions, testimonials, and project summaries, demonstrating how to present their work in a clear and professional manner.

By the end of the course, participants will have developed a professional ePortfolio that showcases their skills, achievements, and expertise effectively. They will be equipped with the confidence and knowledge to use their ePortfolio as a valuable asset in networking, job applications, and professional development.

Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to establish a strong online presence and present their accomplishments in a polished and impressive manner. Whether for job-seeking purposes or career advancement, this course empowers learners to create a standout ePortfolio that sets them apart in today's competitive global job market.


Course Content:

Roughly half of the world’s population is already online and so setting yourself apart from the crowd is more important than ever before. One of the best ways to do that is by creating your own ePortfolio. An ePortfolio is a site that showcases or shows your background, your resume, and samples of your work. In this course, you will learn step by step how to build the site and you’ll learn the grammar, vocabulary and writing skills needed to create it. You will learn how to apply information from your ePortfolio to other online tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in order to network with others so that you get a job or connect with other professionals. For each step in that process, you will listen to lectures, take comprehension quizzes, and learn how to use English appropriately to each part of your site. You will also complete self and peer assessments and gain the needed skills to make your ePortfolio a reality and establish yourself online.

The course Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English by Karen Peterson on Coursera is divided into 4 modules. Here is a detailed breakdown of the modules:

Module 1: Start Building Your Brand

This module focuses on getting your ePortfolio branding ready by creating an effective headline and summary of your capabilities.

What's included

3 videos  7 readings  2 quizzes

3 videosTotal 17 minutes
  • Introduction to Course2 minutesPreview module
  • Creating an Effective Headline8 minutes
  • Writing Your Summary of Capabilities7 minutes
7 readingsTotal 90 minutes
  • Consent Form10 minutes
  • Choosing a Website Builder for Your ePortfolio20 minutes
  • Lesson Review & List of Action Verbs10 minutes
  • Additional Practice with Action Verbs10 minutes
  • Lesson Review & Additional Practice20 minutes
  • Signing Up on LinkedIn10 minutes
  • Get More from The Georgia Tech Language Institute10 minutes
2 quizzesTotal 60 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes


Module 2: Showcase Your Work

This module focuses on writing about your work and accomplishments. You will learn to write about your work in a one sentence caption as well as in a longer descriptive paragraph.

What's included

2 videos  4 readings  2 quizzes

2 videosTotal 12 minutes
  • Writing Clear Captions6 minutesPreview module
  • Writing Longer Descriptions of Your Work6 minutes
4 readingsTotal 50 minutes
  • Additional Practice20 minutes
  • Additional Resources10 minutes
  • Lesson Review & List of Adjectives10 minutes
  • Descriptive Adjectives10 minutes
2 quizzesTotal 60 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes


Module 3: Complete the Main Parts of Your Resume

This module focuses on getting your education and work experience up-to-date and professionally ready on your resume.

What's included

2 videos  3 readings  2 quizzes

2 videosTotal 13 minutes
  • Key Language for Your Education Section6 minutesPreview module
  • Key Language for Your Work Experience Section6 minutes
3 readingsTotal 35 minutes
  • Additional Resources & Practice10 minutes
  • Lesson Review & Job Titles15 minutes
  • Additional Practice with Action Verbs10 minutes
2 quizzesTotal 60 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes


Module 4: Network with Other Professionals

This module focuses on networking online with other professionals to make meaningful connections and to create new career opportunities.

What's included

2 videos  5 readings  2 quizzes

2 videosTotal 12 minutes
  • Connect with Meaningful Comments6 minutesPreview module
  • Connect to Get a Job6 minutes
5 readingsTotal 50 minutes
  • Lesson Review10 minutes
  • Additional Resources10 minutes
  • Lesson Review & Additional Practice10 minutes
  • Additional Resources10 minutes
  • Where to go from here?10 minutes
2 quizzesTotal 60 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes
  • Check Your Knowledge30 minutes



As a former learner who took the Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English course by Karen Peterson on Coursera, I can confidently say that the learning experience was exceptional and highly beneficial. The course provided invaluable insights and practical guidance on creating a compelling ePortfolio that has significantly impacted my professional branding and career development.

One of the strengths of the course was Karen Peterson's expertise and teaching style. Her clear and engaging explanations made even complex concepts easy to understand and apply. I appreciated her emphasis on self-reflection, as it helped me identify and showcase my unique strengths and achievements in a more impactful way.

The course structure was well-organized and logically sequenced, allowing me to progress smoothly from understanding the importance of ePortfolios to creating and designing my own. The hands-on assignments and exercises were particularly useful, as they provided opportunities to apply the knowledge gained and receive feedback on my progress.

The content curation and writing skills modules were particularly enlightening. Learning how to effectively present my work experiences and accomplishments in writing was transformative. The tips on creating visually appealing ePortfolios and selecting appropriate multimedia elements were invaluable, helping me design an attractive and professional profile.

Moreover, the course fostered a sense of community and collaboration among learners through the discussion forums. Engaging with peers from different backgrounds and receiving feedback on my ePortfolio from them was a valuable aspect of the learning experience.

Since completing the course, my ePortfolio has become an essential tool in my job search and networking efforts. I have received positive feedback from potential employers and colleagues, acknowledging the professionalism and clarity of my ePortfolio.

In conclusion, the Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English course exceeded my expectations, equipping me with essential skills in crafting an impressive ePortfolio. Karen Peterson's expertise and the well-structured course content make it a must-take for anyone looking to enhance their online presence and advance their career prospects. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to fellow professionals seeking to stand out in the competitive job market and showcase their achievements effectively.


What you'll learn:

After completing the course Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English by author Karen Peterson on Coursera, learners will acquire the following essential skills:

  1. Eportfolio Building: Learners will know how to construct a professional and impressive ePortfolio that effectively showcases their career achievements, skills, and experiences.

  2. Self-Reflection: Learners will learn to self-analyze and evaluate themselves, recognizing strengths, accomplishments, and significant career experiences.

  3. Content Curation: Participants will understand how to select and organize the most relevant content to present in their ePortfolios, creating a compelling and professional profile.

  4. Writing Skills: Learners will develop the ability to write clear and professional descriptions, comments, and project summaries, effectively communicating through their ePortfolios.

  5. Visual Presentation: Learners will learn to design an attractive interface and select appropriate multimedia elements to enhance the visual appeal of their ePortfolios.

  6. Digital Tools: Participants will become familiar with various digital tools and platforms for building and hosting their ePortfolios efficiently.

  7. Networking and Professional Development: The course provides guidance on utilizing ePortfolios for networking and career development, enabling learners to attract attention from potential employers and partners.

In summary, upon completion of this course, learners will possess the ability to construct a high-quality ePortfolio that fully reflects their professional aspects and enhances their access to employment opportunities and career growth effectively.



Karen Peterson is an accomplished professional known for her expertise in the field of career development and ePortfolios. With a passion for empowering individuals to showcase their skills and accomplishments, she has become a prominent figure in the realm of online education and professional branding.

As an author and educator, Karen Peterson has designed and delivered numerous courses aimed at helping learners build strong and compelling ePortfolios that effectively highlight their strengths and experiences. Her practical and insightful teaching style resonates with students, making complex concepts accessible and easily applicable.

Karen's background in career counseling and her experience working with diverse groups of individuals from various industries enrich her teachings with real-world relevance. Her deep understanding of the job market and the value of a well-crafted ePortfolio sets her apart as a leading authority on the subject.

Furthermore, Karen Peterson's contributions to the field extend beyond just ePortfolios. She is known for her commitment to enhancing career development strategies and advocating for the importance of personal branding in today's competitive professional landscape.

Her courses, including Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English, have garnered positive reviews from learners worldwide, praising her ability to guide them through the process of crafting compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression on potential employers and collaborators.

In conclusion, Karen Peterson's expertise in career development and ePortfolios, combined with her dedication to empowering learners, makes her a highly respected and influential figure in the realm of professional branding and online education. Her courses continue to benefit individuals seeking to present their achievements and skills in the best possible light and advance their careers.



The Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English course, authored by Karen Peterson, comes with the following requirements:

  1. Proficiency in English: As the course focuses on creating an ePortfolio in English, participants should have a good command of the English language to effectively communicate their achievements and experiences.

  2. Basic Computer Skills: Learners are expected to be comfortable using computers and have basic proficiency in navigating digital tools and platforms.

  3. Internet Access: Since the course is offered online on the Coursera platform, participants need a reliable internet connection to access the course materials and resources.

  4. Motivation and Commitment: Building a comprehensive ePortfolio requires dedication and effort. Students are encouraged to stay motivated throughout the course and commit to completing the assignments and exercises.

  5. Relevant Career Achievements: Participants should have a background in education, work experience, certifications, projects, or other accomplishments that they can showcase in their ePortfolios.

  6. Access to Work Samples: Having access to work samples, projects, or evidence of achievements will enhance the quality and depth of the ePortfolio content.

  7. A Device for ePortfolio Creation: Learners should have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet with appropriate software to create and design their ePortfolios effectively.

  8. Openness to Self-Reflection: The course emphasizes self-assessment and reflection on one's career journey, so participants should be open to introspection and evaluating their skills and experiences.

  9. Willingness to Learn Digital Tools: Learners should be open to learning and utilizing digital tools and platforms to build, host, and share their ePortfolios.

By meeting these requirements, participants can make the most of the course and develop a compelling and professional ePortfolio that reflects their unique skills and accomplishments in the English language.


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