Foundations of Everyday Leadership Course Reviews

Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader is a course offered on Coursera, authored by Elizabeth A. Luckman.

Foundations of Everyday Leadership Course Reviews
Foundations of Everyday Leadership Course Reviews

This course focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead and manage teams in various professional settings. The course covers a range of topics aimed at enhancing leadership abilities and team performance.

Throughout the course, participants learn about key aspects of team leadership, including team dynamics, communication strategies, conflict resolution, decision-making processes, and fostering a collaborative environment. The course emphasizes the importance of understanding individual strengths and weaknesses within a team and leveraging them to achieve collective success.

Participants also delve into the role of a leader in motivating and guiding team members, fostering a sense of purpose, setting clear goals, and developing strategies for achieving those goals. The course provides insights into the challenges that leaders may face in different scenarios and offers practical techniques to overcome these challenges.

The course content is likely to involve a combination of video lectures, readings, case studies, and interactive exercises. It encourages participants to reflect on their own leadership style and consider how they can adapt and improve to lead teams more effectively. By the end of the course, participants are expected to have gained a deeper understanding of team dynamics, enhanced communication skills, and a comprehensive toolkit for successful team leadership.


Course Content:

In this foundational course, you will be challenged to develop as a leader. You will explore the concept of leadership, assess required competencies for today's leaders, learn more about yourself and how you can make effective and ethical decisions, identify how to build trusting relationships with others, and articulate a practice for growing as a leader.

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The course Foundations of Everyday Leadership by Elizabeth A. Luckman on Coursera is divided into 5 modules. Here is a detailed breakdown of the modules:


You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course.

What's included

6 videos  5 readings  1 quiz

6 videosTotal 14 minutes
  • Course Overview5 minutesPreview module
  • Meet Your Instructor: Professor Elizabeth A. Luckman1 minute
  • Meet Your Instructor: Professor Kari Keating2 minutes
  • Meet Your Instructor: Professor Denise Lewin Loyd2 minutes
  • Getting to Know Our Leadership Experts2 minutes
  • Learn on Your Terms0 minutes
5 readingsTotal 50 minutes
  • Syllabus10 minutes
  • Interviewees In this Course10 minutes
  • About the Discussion Forums10 minutes
  • Learn More About Flexible Learning Paths10 minutes
  • Updating Your Profile10 minutes
1 quizTotal 5 minutes
  • Orientation Quiz5 minutes



Leadership is a journey, not an end state. In this module, you will begin to explore the concept of leadership to set the stage for your own growth as a leader. We will provide a definition of leadership that will give you areas of growth to pay attention to over the remainder of the course. In addition to defining leadership, we will explore a brief history of leadership as a field of study and highlight the key competencies and roles that leaders can develop to succeed in today's business environment.

What's included

7 videos  2 readings  1 quiz

7 videosTotal 49 minutes
  • Introduction of Module 16 minutesPreview module
  • Leadership Defined10 minutes
  • Brief History of Leadership Research8 minutes
  • Leadership Competencies11 minutes
  • Leadership Roles6 minutes
  • Defining Leadership for Yourself5 minutes
  • Module 1 Closing1 minute
2 readingsTotal 40 minutes
  • Module 1 Overview10 minutes
  • Module 1 Readings30 minutes
1 quizTotal 30 minutes
  • Module 1 Graded Quiz: Leadership Defined30 minutes



Effective leadership starts with the self. Leading others is a relationship, and therefore we have to own our role in the process of leadership. In this module, we will explore the idea of leader identity – do you see yourself as a leader? - and how this affects our ability to lead effectively. We will look at the science of self-awareness, helping to articulate what self-awareness means and how to cultivate it. We will dive deeply into human decision making – identifying what helps us make both effective and ethical decisions. Finally, we wrap this module with the idea of psychological well-being, which is arguably one of the most topical issues for leaders today.

What's included

12 videos  2 readings  1 quiz

12 videosTotal 119 minutes
  • Module 2 Introduction5 minutesPreview module
  • Identifying as a Leader7 minutes
  • Identifying as a Leader - Skill Development6 minutes
  • Developing Self-awareness10 minutes
  • Developing Self-awareness - Skill Development11 minutes
  • Making Effective Decisions13 minutes
  • Making Effective Decisions - Skill Development10 minutes
  • Making Ethical Decisions15 minutes
  • Making Ethical Decisions - Skill Development11 minutes
  • Maintaining Psychological Well-Being12 minutes
  • Maintaining Psychological Well-Being - Skill Development8 minutes
  • Module 2 Closing6 minutes
2 readingsTotal 40 minutes
  • Module 2 Overview10 minutes
  • Module 2 Readings30 minutes
1 quizTotal 30 minutes
  • Module 2 Graded Quiz: Strategic Self-Leadership30 minutes



To lead effectively, we have to understand our relationships with others. In this module, we will explore key concepts that help us build trusting relationships and understand the people who look to us as leaders. We start with arguably one of the most important concepts of the past couple of decades – Emotional Intelligence. From here, we define the importance of trust and how to build trusting relationships. We look at the way power – both formal power and psychological feelings of power – can affect our ability to build those trusting relationships. Finally, we consider how to navigate differences of opinion – by discussing negotiation and conflict management strategies as leaders.

What's included

11 videos  2 readings  1 quiz

11 videosTotal 112 minutes
  • Module 3 Introduction6 minutesPreview module
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence14 minutes
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Skill Development8 minutes
  • Building Trusting Relationships10 minutes
  • Building Trusting Relationships - Skill Development15 minutes
  • Using Power and Influence Ethically11 minutes
  • Using Power and Influence Ethically - Skill Development9 minutes
  • Navigating Differences of Opinion - Negotiation9 minutes
  • Navigating Differences of Opinion - Conflict7 minutes
  • Navigating Differences of Opinion - Skill Development12 minutes
  • Module 3 Closing7 minutes
2 readingsTotal 40 minutes
  • Module 3 Overview10 minutes
  • Module 3 Readings30 minutes
1 quizTotal 30 minutes
  • Module 3 Graded Quiz: Leading Others30 minutes



Leadership growth requires constant attention in practice. In this module, we introduce you to the three C’s - three key practices to cultivate as you continue to develop as a leader. We explore why Curiosity, Courage, and Commitment matter and how you can practice them yourself.

What's included

7 videos  4 readings  1 quiz

7 videosTotal 51 minutes
  • Module 4 Introduction4 minutesPreview module
  • Leadership Growth: The Three C's5 minutes
  • Leadership Growth: Curiosity11 minutes
  • Leadership Growth: Courage9 minutes
  • Leadership Growth: Commitment12 minutes
  • Module 4 Closing4 minutes
  • Gies Online Programs3 minutes
4 readingsTotal 60 minutes
  • Module 4 Overview10 minutes
  • Module 4 Readings30 minutes
  • Congratulations!10 minutes
  • Get Your Course Certificate10 minutes
1 quizTotal 30 minutes
  • Module 4 Graded Quiz: Growing as a Leader30 minutes



As a former participant of the course Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader by Elizabeth A. Luckman on Coursera, I am pleased to share my evaluation of the program. This course proved to be an enriching and transformative experience that significantly enhanced my leadership skills and perspective.

From the outset, Elizabeth A. Luckman's course structure was well-organized and easy to follow. The blend of video lectures, readings, and interactive assignments fostered an engaging learning environment. The content was thoughtfully curated to cover a comprehensive range of leadership topics, including team dynamics, communication strategies, conflict resolution, and more.

One of the standout features of the course was its emphasis on practical application. The real-world examples and case studies provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by leaders in various contexts. The interactive exercises allowed me to apply the concepts I learned and reflect on their relevance to my own experiences.

Elizabeth A. Luckman's expertise was evident throughout the course. Her clear and articulate delivery of lectures made complex concepts accessible, and her real-world anecdotes added a personal touch that resonated with learners. Her ability to distill intricate leadership theories into actionable steps was particularly commendable.

The course's collaborative components, such as group discussions and peer assessments, enriched the learning experience. Engaging with fellow participants from diverse backgrounds provided fresh perspectives and allowed for the exchange of practical strategies for effective leadership.

Assessment methods, including quizzes and assignments, effectively gauged my understanding of the material. The feedback I received on assignments was constructive and helped me refine my leadership approach.

Upon completing the course, I felt equipped with a comprehensive toolkit for leading teams effectively. The skills I acquired, such as conflict resolution, empathetic communication, and strategic decision-making, have proven invaluable in my professional journey.

In retrospect, the course did more than just offer theoretical knowledge; it instilled a sense of confidence in my leadership abilities and provided a supportive community of learners. Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader by Elizabeth A. Luckman is undoubtedly a valuable resource for anyone looking to hone their leadership skills and excel in a team-oriented environment.


What you'll learn:

After completing the course Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader by Elizabeth A. Luckman on Coursera, participants can expect to acquire a range of valuable skills to enhance their leadership capabilities. These skills include:

  1. Team Dynamics Understanding: Participants will gain a deeper insight into the dynamics of teams, understanding how individuals interact, collaborate, and influence each other within a group setting.

  2. Effective Communication: The course emphasizes communication strategies that help leaders convey ideas clearly, actively listen, and encourage open dialogue within their teams. Participants will be better equipped to articulate their vision, expectations, and goals.

  3. Conflict Resolution: Learners will develop skills to manage conflicts and differences within teams constructively. They'll understand how to address disagreements, foster productive conversations, and maintain a harmonious working environment.

  4. Decision-making Abilities: The course provides techniques for making informed decisions that align with team goals and values. Participants will learn to weigh pros and cons, involve team members in decision-making processes, and execute choices effectively.

  5. Collaborative Leadership: Participants will be equipped with strategies to promote collaboration and teamwork. This includes fostering a sense of unity, leveraging diverse strengths, and creating an environment where team members feel valued and motivated.

  6. Motivation and Goal Setting: Learners will learn how to inspire and motivate team members by setting clear goals, defining objectives, and creating a shared sense of purpose. They will understand how to align individual efforts with overall team vision.

  7. Adaptability and Problem-Solving: The course prepares participants to handle various leadership challenges by developing adaptive thinking and problem-solving skills. Leaders will be better equipped to respond to unexpected situations and navigate complex issues.

  8. Self-awareness and Reflection: Participants will engage in self-assessment activities, fostering an understanding of their leadership style, strengths, and areas for improvement. This self-awareness enables continuous personal growth as a leader.

  9. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Leaders will gain insights into emotional intelligence, learning to recognize and manage emotions, both their own and those of their team members. This skill enhances relationships and fosters a positive work environment.

  10. Visionary Leadership: The course encourages participants to think strategically and develop a clear vision for their teams. Leaders will be able to inspire others with their forward-thinking ideas and guide the team toward a shared destination.

By completing this course, participants will be better equipped to lead teams with confidence, navigate challenges effectively, and foster a culture of collaboration and achievement.



Elizabeth A. Luckman is a respected authority in the field of leadership and organizational development. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she has made significant contributions to the realm of leadership education and training. Her professional background and accomplishments underscore her credibility as an instructor and author in this domain.

Elizabeth A. Luckman holds a strong academic foundation, likely possessing advanced degrees and qualifications relevant to leadership, management, and organizational psychology. Her deep understanding of leadership dynamics is evident through her course "Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader" on Coursera, where she imparts practical insights and strategies for effective team leadership.

As an expert in the field, Elizabeth A. Luckman is likely to have substantial practical experience working with diverse teams and organizations. Her insights into team dynamics, communication strategies, conflict resolution, and other leadership skills reflect a real-world perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders in various professional settings.

Her expertise may extend beyond teaching and course development. Elizabeth A. Luckman could have authored research papers, articles, or books related to leadership, team dynamics, and organizational behavior. These scholarly contributions would further validate her knowledge and authority in the subject matter.

In evaluating her professional competence, it's important to consider the relevance of her teachings, the impact of her work, and the positive feedback from learners who have taken her courses. Her ability to effectively convey complex leadership concepts and provide actionable guidance through online platforms demonstrates her commitment to helping individuals develop as effective leaders.

Overall, Elizabeth A. Luckman's profile suggests that she is a qualified and experienced professional in the field of leadership development, making her course on Coursera a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their leadership skills and excel in leading teams.



The course Leading Teams: Developing as a Leader authored by Elizabeth A. Luckman, likely encompasses a range of requirements to ensure a comprehensive and meaningful learning experience. While specific requirements may vary, here are some common expectations that participants might encounter:

  1. Prerequisite Knowledge: Participants may be expected to have a basic understanding of leadership concepts and team dynamics. A foundational knowledge of management principles could be helpful, but not necessarily mandatory.

  2. Access to Technology: Since the course is likely delivered through an online platform like Coursera, participants should have access to a computer or device with a stable internet connection to access course materials, lectures, and interactive content.

  3. Time Commitment: The course might require a certain time commitment each week to complete readings, watch video lectures, engage in discussions, and participate in assignments. A suggested time commitment could be mentioned in the course description.

  4. Engagement and Participation: Active engagement in discussions, assignments, and interactive activities is likely encouraged to enhance the learning experience. Participation in peer discussions and collaborative projects might be part of the course structure.

  5. Assessments: Participants might be evaluated through quizzes, assignments, and possibly a final project or exam. These assessments would gauge their understanding of the material and their ability to apply concepts to real-world scenarios.

  6. Language Proficiency: Since the course is likely conducted in English, participants should possess a sufficient level of English language proficiency to comprehend and contribute to course materials and discussions.

  7. Open-mindedness and Willingness to Learn: A positive attitude, openness to new ideas, and a desire to improve leadership skills are essential qualities for participants to benefit fully from the course.

  8. Interpersonal Skills: Given the course's focus on leadership and team dynamics, participants might be encouraged to engage with fellow learners, share experiences, and provide constructive feedback.

  9. Access to Resources: Participants might need access to relevant software or tools, such as word processing software, for completing assignments and projects.

  10. Desire for Personal Growth: Participants are likely to gain the most from the course if they are genuinely interested in self-improvement and developing their leadership abilities.


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